Switched at Birth review: Life goes on for some, but it sucks

Jul 22, 2014 at 5:18 a.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

Bay goes looking for a connection to her father and discovers a frightening secret, while Daphne takes her anger to dangerous levels, Toby makes a couple of new friends and the family grows again, in "Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone)."

In the last episode, Switched at Birth did almost too good of a job at depicting what life was like for a family dealing with a death. In this episode, they again did almost too good of a job — this time at depicting what life is like during the aftermath.

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Not all Sorrentos are the same

I really felt for Bay, going all the way to Chicago to tell a cousin she'd never met that Angelo was dead. At first, I started to feel bad for the cousin, too, thinking how awful it would be to get such news out of the blue. That was of course before I knew the guy was a jerk. I can't believe he tried to bilk his own family out of money. I know Angelo was probably a different person before he came into the family's life, but I doubt his memory deserved that kind of treatment. About the only good thing that Sebastian did was to warn Bay that aneurisms might run in her blood, which was definitely not the kind of news she needed to hear.

Daphne's frightening rebellion

I could feel that things were going to get bad when Daphne went off on Regina at the end of the last episode, but I was not prepared for the lengths she went to in her rebellion. I could understand her anger and even her need to find something to numb the pain, but doing cocaine was beyond insane. I know she told Bay that she was fine and that she stopped feeling it, but I can't help but to worry that everything we saw in this episode was just the beginning. I don't know how far she'll go, but after what she did in Chicago, I can't say I'd put anything past her now.

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Family lost, family gained

The story with Kathryn, Leo and Renzo was incredibly sweet. I thought it was great of her to try and fix Leo up with someone new. I mean her heart was in the right place, even if it turned into a total disaster. In the end, what Leo really needed was a family and I'm excited by the prospect of having both him and Abby around more often. With the loss of Angelo, it feels right for them to open their hearts to extended family and they all do need each other right now.

Drunk Tank

I know the basis of his story was sad, but Drunk Tank was mostly hilarious to watch. It was funny when Emmett and Mary Beth had to pretend to be a couple for him, but I was glad the truth eventually came out. His reaction wasn't a surprise, though I was glad no one got hurt. Toby's life suddenly got more interesting. Now he's got Tank as a roommate and Lily (aka Miss Summers) living upstairs. Was it just me or were there some possible sparks between Toby and Lily?

Overall, this episode truthfully showed the ups and downs that come with moving on after a family member's death. Some people move on to better things while others go in scary directions.

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My favorite bits:

Toby telling his dad that his new gig paid in creative fulfillment, not so much in cash.

Completely tearing up and Kathryn pointing out that Abby had lost two dads.

Renzo's reaction to seeing Leo's photo. I love that Kathryn decided to play matchmaker.

Emmett pretending to be Mary Beth's boyfriend for Tank's sake. Awkward.

Daphne on coke. So, so scary.

Literally laughing out loud when Renzo said, "I spilled the beans!" after he, you know, spilled the beans.

Leo: "I just don't need a boyfriend right now."
Kathryn: "Well, if you need a family you've got one right here."

Lily: "Did that drunken pile of desperation just hit on me?"

Daphne admitting she got high and asking her mother what she was going to do about it. Ouch.

Bay: "I went all the way there to find a Sorrento, and I have one right here."

Bay playing with Abby. So many tears.

What did you think of this episode of Switched at Birth? Were you shocked by Daphne's behavior?