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The Bachelorette: Men Tell All was the cheesiest, most awkward one yet

Is it time for ABC to scrap The Men Tell All special of The Bachelorette altogether? It’s getting cheesier and cheesier each season. Tonight’s episode definitely took the cake. Things got weird.

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Once the ultrasound machine was wheeled onto the stage to determine the sex of Ashley and JP’s baby, we knew this episode was trying hard. Then Chris Harrison‘s face popped up on the screen in place of the baby ultrasound, and we cringed. The joke just fell flat for us.

The night progressed from there, continuing the cheesy theme:

  • The guys all started off the night wearing scarves to poke fun at the fact that there were more scarves worn on this season of The Bachelorette than any other.
  • Harrison suggested Andi also get an ultrasound because there have been so many rumors about her pregnancy status. She graciously declined since she didn’t have a clever hole in her dress like Ashley.
  • Chris Bukowski tried to come on stage tonight to officially meet Andi after his botched attempt to get on the show backfired the first night. His attempt tonight fell just as flat. Harrison jokingly said he was going to call security.
  • Marquel, by far the most popular bachelor this season, gets way more love tonight than the other guys. I’m pretty sure half of them barely even spoke one sentence during the whole show.
  • Chris Soules exchanges numbers with a girl from the audience after a commercial break speed date. Who needs to be the bachelor when you have the Men Tell All episode?
And on and on the awkwardness unfolded.

By far the best moment of the night was when Harrison made fun of Andi’s favorite phrase: “Stop.” He brought out the lie detector test results and asked the guys, “Do you like it when Andi says, ‘Stop’?” That got a laugh all around, and we appreciated it because she does overuse that word much like Juan Pablo’s, “Es ok.”

Another thing we noticed: Harrison is a troublemaker. He loved spilling those lie detector test results. He also didn’t discourage the racial discussion rant the guys went off on. We’re all for discussions of diversity, but didn’t they settle the conversation already about what Andrew really said? He and Marquel shook hands at the end of it all when we saw the drama unfold on the show. But tonight it all comes back worse than ever. Harrison even went so far as to show the video from that rose ceremony night, which told us nothing, but sure got the guys talking again.

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Little things you might not have notice

There wasn’t a two-on-one this season. The guys of Andi’s season got lucky. While the two-on-one date definitely makes good TV, it’s not something we’d like to participate in.

All the guys were pulling out their best colored pants tonight. JJ and Marquel were both sporting red while Cody and Carl were rocking the mustard yellow. It was fantastic.

Marcus is still single. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but he’s already filmed Bachelor in Paradise. If he’d found love, he wouldn’t have still been so emotional over Andi. He has our vote as the next bachelor. Come on, ABC!

What did you think of the Men Tell All episode? Should ABC keep airing this special?

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