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10 Things you didn’t know about Graceland‘s Brandon Jay McLaren

If you’ve been keeping up with Season 2 of USA’s brilliant drama, Graceland, you might be having a tough time swallowing Jakes’ story line. Our favorite dreadhead is going through some serious issues, and he’s not taking any of it very well. SheKnows caught up with Brandon Jay McLaren, the hot dude behind the hot mess, and got to know him a little better.

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1) What makes you blush?


2) What’s your biggest insecurity?

“How much time you got? I don’t have any single insecurity that is bigger than the rest. I have a collection of many. I think it’s important to identify them, accept them and then carry on in spite of them.”

3) What’s one of your favorite things about yourself?

“How much time you got?” joked McLaren. “Joking! I like my outlook on life. I try and be thoughtful and measured and nonreactive, and I think it has served me well.”

4) What was the hardest part about breaking into the biz?

“The hardest part about breaking into the biz is trying to get the people who make decisions to see that you have talent and something to offer.”

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5) What scares you the most about fame?

“Lack of privacy.”

6) Has there been another widely known actor who’s played an instrumental role in mentoring you throughout your career? If so, who and what was his or her advice? What did you learn from him or her?

“There is not one person I can say who has been a mentor to me. I can say that I try and take advice from various people who I have worked with over the years.”

7) Would you do a movie with Amanda Bynes again?

“In a heartbeat.”

8) Which one is more uncomfortable to film — shirtless scenes or kissing scenes?

“Kissing scenes. Especially if the lights are hot, and you are sweaty, and the makeup person forgot your toothbrush in the trailer and you just ate a tuna sandwich.”

9) What’s the most memorable scene you’ve filmed on Graceland and why?

“It’s gotta be when I tore up my son’s room. A lot of stuff came up in that scene.”

10) Things may not be going the way Jakes had planned this season… what’s one thing in your life that didn’t go as planned?

“Most of it thus far. And that’s what’s great!”

What can we say? McLaren is downright charming, and we’re totally hooked. Check him out on Graceland on Wednesdays.

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