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Anna Paquin wants bisexuality to be normal and mundane

Anna Paquin wants the world to know how she feels about stereotypes: she’s had enough of them.

The True Blood star has spoken out about her sexuality on more than one occasion and she is proud to be bisexual, tweeting just last month for LGBT Pride Month, “Proud to be a happily married bisexual mother. Marriage is about love not gender.”

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Discussing the reaction to her earlier tweet, Paquin spoke to HuffPost Live about how she wants the world to know that she is comfortable talking about her sexuality, but it’s still important to speak about it to create a normalization of gay identity.

“There’s people that are going to probably go to their grave thinking whatever they think about the LGBT community,” the mom of twins said in the interview with HuffPost Live. “That’s their problem, not mine. And there’s people that think that monogamy and bisexuality are mutually exclusive. Again, their problem, not mine.

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“The reason I feel like it’s important to talk about this stuff is that the more normal and, frankly, mundane and boring this stuff becomes, I think the better it’s going to be for everyone who is part of our community,” Paquin added.

Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer met on the set of the hit HBO series True Blood, and the pair have been married since August 2010, sharing 2-year-old twins Poppy and Charlie together.

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Her hopes are that by speaking about her sexuality and her views on it, she can encourage the world to accept and understand the LGBT community better.

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