6 Movie dance groups who make us wish we could dance

Jul 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. ET
Image: YouTube

These dance groups may be on the big screen, but their moves are enough to make you want to jump up and join in the fun.

Magic Mike, Kings of Tampa


After watching one scene of these beautiful men showing us what they're workin' with, we'd give anything to be up that stage dancing right along with them. If only we knew half the moves they do.

Step Up, Tyler and Nora


There have been a ton of Step Up movies, but the first will always be No. 1 in our hearts. Watching Tyler and Nora move together on the screen leaves us feeling like we, too, could have sizzling chemistry with a superhot guy, if only we could move like that.

Battle of the Year, The American Team


Not only does this look totally fun, but they make it look almost easy. Unfortunately, we know it's really not. Still, we can't help but daydream we could rock it like these B-Boys. We'd probably give it a try if the studly Josh Holloway offered to be our coach, too.

Stomp the Yard, Theta Nu Theta


Anyone can dance to music (well, maybe not anyone), but it takes real skill to dance while you make your own music. Watch this clip for just 30 seconds and tell us you don't wish you could do this, too.

You Got Served, Lil' Saints


In this movie, two friends join forces to win a dance competition and earn big bucks. These aren't professionally trained dancers — they're just kids from the streets. If they can do it, so can we, right?

Bring It On


The inner cheerleader in all of us comes screaming to the surface the minute this movie comes on. You could do cartwheels, too, once upon a time. That's pretty much the same thing in our book.

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