Exes Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are still BFFs

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were always the cute on-screen, off-screen couple on The Vampire Diaries. But after they broke up, it looks like the two are just as good of friends as they were before dating.

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Dobrev will appear on the cover of Nylon magazine in August and said that her goal of no drama has helped her stay cordial with Somerhalder.

“I don’t like any kind of negativity. I try to be good to everyone, whether it’s a love, a friend, an ex,” she said, via the Huffington Post. “I’ll always try to treat people the way I want to be treated.”

Somerhalder also talked with Nylon and said both he and Dobrev have been focusing on staying good friends — even when it comes to the important stuff.

“She always lets me have the last fry,” he said.

Vampire Diaries has done a lot for Dobrev’s fame, and she said she still has a hard time believing people know who she is. She said, “I really do forget. People feel like they know you when you’re in their living room, weekly, for five years. But I always get uncomfortable when people know more about me than I know about them.”

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“It doesn’t feel real because I don’t live in that world,” she added. “When I go to those [red carpet] events, I’m in town specifically for that, and then I leave later that night. I’ve maybe stayed for the after party once, ever. It still feels like I’m a fan, in a way.

“A lot of people are very cynical and very jaded, but I’m not there yet.”