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Farrah Abraham butts into Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage woes

Although Farrah Abraham is perhaps one of the last people Kendra Wilkinson is in the mood to hear from, the former MTV star is weighing in on Wilkinson’s troubled marriage.

While promoting her line of sex toys, the former Teen Mom told AfterBuzz TV, “Sex toys are a healthy thing. I think too many people don’t get sex toys and they go off the deep end with partners.”

Abraham has had some very bad luck in the love department, but it’s hard to make the leap as to why she thinks she knows what might save Wilkinson’s troubled relationship with husband Hank Baskett.

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When asked which celebrity she’d like to give one of her toys to, Abraham brought up the former Playboy star, who just recently gave birth to her second child with alleged cheater Baskett, to help support her point that sex toys can spice things up in the bedroom.

“I think of Hank Baskett right now,” Abraham said. “I heard Kendra and him are having some troubles. I think this might help. I think cheating is bad, sex toys are good.”

Wilkinson, who hasn’t yet publicly commented on the gossip about her relationship, also has not responded to her reality television comrade’s bit of advice.

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The young woman we first met on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009 remains single, with a “go where the getting is good” motto for a night out.

“I’m not going to find such marriage material at a club,” the mother of 5-year-old Sophia explained. “I do dabble with, like, some businessmen that I do meet. I meet a lot of amazing people who are young and single, and if it works out, it works out.”

During the interview, Abraham also shared her line of sex toys now includes three items, all of which are made from a mold of her body, that are strictly for men. She described them as “full-on, back door and hand-stroker.”

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