Britney Spears dines and dashes on Cheesecake Factory tab

Jul 18, 2014 at 7:11 p.m. ET

Did Britney Spears dine and dash at a local Cheesecake Factory? It appears that's exactly what happened when the "I Wanna Go" singer had a meal with boyfriend David Lucado on Sunday.

The couple ate dinner at the restaurant and their bill came to a total of $30. The former X Factor judge believed that her bodyguard was going to take care of the bill. On the flip side, Spears' bodyguard was under the impression that the pop star had taken care of the check.

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Photo credit: Daniel Tanner/

The lovebirds' simple meal of an appetizer and salad became an issue once the waitress realized that the promised payment from the bodyguard was not delivered. According to TMZ, Spears and Lucado had already walked out with a doggie bag of leftovers and were nowhere to be found.

As a result, the waitress was stiffed on the tab and a tip. The good news is that the error was quickly discovered and the group returned to pay their outstanding bill. The waitress was also given a $100 tip for the inconvenience.

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Nobody at the Thousand Oaks, California, restaurant seemed too worried about the fact that the singer skipped out on her tab, though. That's because Spears is a huge fan of the franchise and she's considered a regular diner at Cheesecake Factory restaurants.

Senior Director of Public Relations Aletha Rowe said in a public statement, "Britney dines in our restaurants quite often and is a wonderful guest. We know that this was just an honest mistake."

Spears is probably relieved to be back in the good graces of one of her favorite restaurants.