Scenes from dance flicks we’ll never forget

Jul 22, 2014 at 1:00 a.m. ET
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Dance movies aren't always about fancy footwork or crazy lifts. Sometimes they're about that sexy dance that made us feel things, the crazy hand moves we spent hours memorizing and the moment we fell in love with the dork instead of the cool kid. These are our favorite dance movie moments.

Dirty Dancing: The sexy practice


"Oh, Lover Boy!" That lift may have been a thing of beauty, but this sexy, teasing scene will always be our favorite. How is it that Patrick Swayze on air guitar can be both cheesy and sexy at the same time? We'll never be able to explain, but we'll always love it.

Center Stage: Higher Ground


Who's seen Center Stage roughly a million times? These girls right here! From the ultra sexy bed dance to oh-so-awesome dance to "Canned Heat," Center Stage shone new light on what you could do while dancing to popular music. The "Higher Ground" dance, though, was one we'd spend weeks practicing in our rooms and months afterward wishing we hadn't quit dance in the fourth grade.

Grease: Hand Jive


We can still hand jive. Can you? Watching this movie as grown-ups, we're always blown away by how raunchy parts of Grease can be. (Like the entirety of "Greased Lightning"!) What were our moms thinking when they let us watch this as kids?! We get all the references now, but back then it was all about looking like Sandra Dee and learning the hand jive.

Footloose (2011): When Willard learned to dance


There's a ton of crazy dancing in Footloose, but our favorite kind is the bad kind. Nothing is cuter than Willard learning to dance to he can impress and keep his lady. From goofing off with the girls to practicing all by his lonesome in cowboy boots with his iPod, Willard is adorable. Always.

Flashdance: The scene with the bucket


Dancing is fun and when we're alone, it's mostly about the release of tension and energy. Nothing illustrated it more than when Alex was practicing to "Maniac." Add in the unforgettable bar scene and the crazy trick with the bucket dumping water all over her, and how could you ever possibly overlook that part of the film?

Footloose (1984): Final scene


All of Footloose is amazing. From the mill scene to Willard's terrible dancing, it's all great. There's a reason why the song "Footloose" is what we remember most about the movie, though: We all wanted to be part of that epic party. We wonder how long those actors were dancing during the multiple cuts it took to get everything just right. So much sweat. Even more glitter.

Are you as ready for a movie night as we are? Whether you need a little time with the dearly departed Swayze or want to get down with the original Footloose, all of these moments are our favorites and all of these dance movies have been played at our houses time and time again.

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