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Dave Franco, Conan O’Brien join Tinder

Dave Franco and Conan O’Brien both experienced Tinder for the first time together on a segment, which aired last night on Conan. And every second of it is fantastic.

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The hilarious duo created fake profiles using the names Chip Whitley for O’Brien and Djengus Roundstone for Franco.

They then colored in their profiles with some playful descriptions. “I enjoy wearing Crocs for their style over their comfort, and I hear I look like a poor man’s Dave Franco. F*** Dave Franco!” the actor wrote on his account.

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O’Brien went for a similarly sarcastic approach. “I am 42 years old and people tell me I look like Conan O’Brien… I like chai lattes and showering.”

After making a few matches, the best being 74-year-old Gloria, who both men find and connect with, Franco stumbles upon the beautiful Courtney and… It’s a match! The two begin chatting before Franco reveals his true identity and suggests they meet. Courtney invites Franco and O’Brien to her house so the men hop in their creeper van, which was fully equipped with duck tape, alcohol and snacks. The guys decide on their journey to aptly name the van “Brown Lightning,” and jaunt off to meet Courtney.

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Don’t worry, Courtney had her brother and his friends with her to keep her safe from the jokester team O’Brien and Franco made. The group became fast friends. The guys especially liked Franco’s Tinder name. Ultimately, the night was a success. Go Tinder!

Do you use Tinder? Have you ever met a celebrity during your swiping adventures?

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