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PG-rated movies for the whole family

Kid-appropriate movies don’t have to mean a boring night for Mom. These PG-rated flicks will keep the whole family entertained.

Toy Story
Don’t let the playroom setting fool you. Toy Story is made for adults and kids alike. Though the bright colors and happy characters will keep the kids glued to the screen, the hidden adult humor and innuendos will have you cackling in the background.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
You loved this story as a kid, and so will your children. Watch the 2005 version — the kids get the special effects and high-def look they’re used to, and you get to stare at Johnny Depp for two hours. Win-win, right?

The Little Mermaid
We’re betting you can belt out every word to every song in this movie. Want to show your littles how “with it” you really are? Now’s your chance.

Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight
The latest American Girl flick tells the story of Isabelle, a very talented young girl who doesn’t have the confidence she needs to truly shine. Your daughter will love this movie because of the American Girl ties, and you’ll love the great story and message. The awesome dance moves don’t hurt, either.

There’s not much not to love about this adorable movie. The hilarious talking dogs and the cranky old man will have the whole family laughing, but the underlying love story will make every mama swoon.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
The Harry Potter novels were just as popular with adults as they were with kids, and the movies are no different. Watch the entire series with your kids, and make sure you start with this one.

How to Train Your Dragon
This movie has it all: comedy, touching moments, witty remarks, action-packed scenes and fantastic animation. Spend an evening watching this movie as a family, and you’ll be making plans to watch the sequel as soon as possible.

This post is sponsored by American Girl.

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