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What even? Shameless taps Dermot Mulroney for Season 5

Sources say Showtime’s Emmy-nominated dramedy, Shameless, has tapped Crisis star Dermot Mulroney to play a love interest for the older Gallagher in the upcoming season. If we’re supposed to be stoked, we must be doing something wrong. The news that Mulroney will play a potential boyfriend for Fiona (Emmy Rossum) mostly just left us with a lot of questions. Like…

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What’s with pairing Dermot Mulroney with younger chicks?

Mulroney as a sort of cradle-robbing sugar daddy isn’t a new thing. Most recently, we witnessed him work his charm on New Girl. He played one of Jess’ students’ dads and had a multi-episode arc as her boyfriend prior to her inevitable and oh-so-perfect hook-up with Nick. Sure, he played a super-nice guy. He was even a gem to Nick when he got drunk and acted so clearly in love with Jess. Now, he’s going after Fi? This is too much…

What about Jimmy/Steve?

After remaining absent and believed dead during all of Season 4, Fi’s ex, Jimmy/Steve, made a last-second appearance outside the Gallagher house in the last few moments of the Season 4 finale. With a new car, yet another new name and a new girl at his side, he looked longingly at the house. But he ultimately decided not to disturb the family just yet. He’s continually effed over Fiona, but we continually root for him. We don’t like the idea of another season where we don’t get to see his naked butt when he and Fi are having sex. Can we get an amen?

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And what about Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

If Fiona must not be with Jimmy/Steve just yet, we’ve eagerly anticipated a hook-up with her new boss, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. After all of Fiona’s legal troubles this season, Fiona went from having an awesome job to having a rough time finding work at all… even babysitting for people who used to always trust her. Luckily, her parole officer knew a guy. That kind, accepting dude was a super-hot Morgan. We know from Grey’s Anatomy that Morgan is sexy as hell. We wanted that. We wanted it bad.

Can Fiona just chill out and close her legs for a bit?

Fiona has, in essence, gone from one hot dude to another, sometimes without even ending her last relationship. We get it. Fiona needs a hand. And she’s still looking for the male attention and approval she never got from Frank. However, she’s old enough now to recognize that behavior. As much as we love a good sex scene, we’d also love to see her take some downtime and regroup from everything that happened in Season 4.

What do you think? Are you stoked about this possible new “love interest” or are you just not feeling it? And are you annoyed entirely because it’s Mulroney… or just because it’s not Jimmy/Steve? Sound off in the comments.

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