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6 Reasons the Hank Baskett cheating scandal is super weird

News broke last month that Hank Baskett allegedly stepped out on his reality TV wife, Kendra Wilkinson, with a transsexual named Ava Sabrina London, ripping their adorable little family apart. While the Baskett-Wilkinson story is a tale as old as time in Hollywood, something about this one seems a bit fishy.

Here are six reasons we think the Hank Baskett cheating scandal is super weird.

1. Baskett supposedly came clean because his mistress passed a lie detector test administered by the National Enquirer

A source told People magazine that Wilkinson confronted Baskett about his affair with London after she received a phone call about it. He denied the allegations… until he found out London had passed a test. “She confronted Hank, [but] he denied it until he found out the woman took a lie detector test and had to admit it,” the source said. You’re going to fess up to an affair you were previously denying because the person calling you out took a test with the ever-so-reliable National Enquirer? That’s just stupid.

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2. The root of the rumor is untraceable

The story broke that Baskett had cheated on Wilkinson and was credited to the oft-quoted “inside source” and then, magically, London appeared from thin air to give her extremely detailed side of the story. After giving an exclusive on-camera interview to the National Enquirer, London called the cops on reporters who were trying to buy surveillance tape from her property manager to prove that Baskett had been on her property, according to TMZ. What’s weird here is that the surveillance would have corroborated London’s story, so you think she would be all for it, but instead she claims the reporters are harassing her. She must think all the public needs is a tell-all with the Enquirer to believe her word is gold.

3. Sources said that Wilkinson chucked her ring down the toilet

OK, no matter how angry you are, no person in their right mind would flush their wedding ring, especially if it’s probably worth a pretty penny. Wilkinson has since been seen wearing her ring and Baskett is reportedly back at home, so neither the ring nor the marriage has gone down the porcelain throne quite yet. So, where did this very specific, yet obviously untrue, story come from?

4. London claims Baskett left $2,000 in a coffee cup by the pool at her apartment

London told the National Enquirer that Baskett left the rather sizable amount of hush money outside when she refused to meet him at a nearby gas station. Meanwhile, the former NFL star was rumored to be staying at a Good Night Inn in Calabasas, California, which isn’t exactly the Ritz Carlton.

5. London’s actual occupation is unclear

The YouTuber claims she is a model, but she accepted a $500 “gift” from Baskett on the day they allegedly engaged in mutual masturbation, which sounds a little bit like prostitution. Baskett is not the first celeb to be accused of frequenting a hooker, so let’s just call it what it is.

6. Neither Baskett or Wilkinson has addressed the issue publicly

The couple has remained mum about the topic so far. It’s been almost a month and it seems by now they would have at least released an apology statement or a denial through a rep, if only to clear the air and quiet internet rumors.

What do you think? Did Baskett cheat? Is he totally innocent or is it possible that London has him on the hook for something else?

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