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The Rock won’t star in Gov. Christie’s summer flick

Governor Chris Christie’s attempt to target the public in a trendy way has just majorly backfired.

The New Jersey governor posted a Hollywood-inspired video called No Pain, No Gain yesterday, calling for the need for pension plan reform. Amid moments of Christie talking about the problem, clips of explosions and action-adventure scenes were dispersed throughout the video.

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One such moment included a clip of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from one of his films, walking away from an exploding building. Then, it cut to a cast of characters that read: Governor Christie, the People of New Jersey, The Rock and the New Jersey Legislature (hopefully).

Matt Katz, who covers Christie for WNYC and New Jersey public radio, tweeted that The Rock wasn’t feeling the trailer-like video.

The video was quickly taken down after its initial posting and re-posted minutes later, minus Johnson’s inclusion. We’re guessing the actor wasn’t too keen on appearing in the flick without his prior permission.

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The state Democratic Committee was also unimpressed, according to USA Today. They called the video, “Hollywood fantasy.”

We can’t help but wonder how much of taxpayers’ money Christie used to make the video. Comments have since been disabled, as have likes and dislikes on the video.

The video has been rated R for “Reform.” Watch it below.

Do you think Gov. Christie’s video is a Hollywood fantasy or a way to target a certain demographic?

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