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The Night Shift Season 2: Keep us hooked, tone it down

In The Night Shift Season 1 finale, the excitement rose to epic levels and the character-driven drama was right on point. All of it left us highly anticipating the show’s second season, as long as a few changes are made.

The Night Shift Season 1 finale: What we liked

NBC’s new hit summer series hasn’t held back on the action, drama and comedy in its first season and the final episode was no different. Topher’s life was put in danger not just once but twice, though in between he managed some laughs as he and Paul argued over catheters and pee jugs.

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Meanwhile, TC began to slowly unravel (even more than normal) and once he and Drew were sent into the field to get people out of the burning rubble, he wasn’t himself at all. Drew noticed TC was hearing voices and nearly got himself killed when he didn’t evacuate the collapsing building in time. In the end, we discovered that all the trauma had brought new memories to TC about the day his brother was killed — memories that he’d tried so hard to forget. It turned out that he blamed himself for the tragedy as he’d had the chance to kill the sniper but had hesitated because the boy was so young.

After all the action, the heartbreak and even a little bit of comedy, the best moment came in the end when TC broke down in Jordan’s arms. Of course, her fiancé Scott wasn’t too happy to see them together, but that’s just too bad. We like Scott but if he couldn’t see that TC was having a crisis and needed his friend by his side, then he’s got issues of his own.

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What The Night Shift needs to change in Season 2

Overall, the first season of The Night Shift was a lot of fun and a perfect summer series. But underneath, there are a couple things that could be improved in Season 2.

First of all, it might be nice to take down the action a notch or two. When nearly every episode involves explosions, gunfire, car crashes and other disasters, it starts to wear on the nerves a little.

Also, when you see something like that in every episode, it makes those kinds of things less special. Imagine if the rest of the season had been relatively calm before the two-part season finale. Then, when the gunman had started threatening the staff and shooting people, it would have been incredibly shocking. As it was, by the time that happened it was almost like, “Eh, so what?”

Secondly, how about we don’t have victims that are related to the main characters, or are the main characters themselves, in nearly every episode? Some examples include Drew getting into a Humvee wreck, Drew’s boyfriend getting into a bus crash, Topher’s wife getting into an accident and going into labor (with twins!) on the side of the road, and of course Topher himself getting shot.

It almost became a joke after a while. Every episode all you had to do was sit back and wait for someone on the staff or one of their friends or family members to become a patient. One had to wonder if these doctors were the unluckiest people in the world or if their friends were the unluckiest for being near them.

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We still love The Night Shift and we’re definitely looking forward to Season 2, just so long as they lose the constant, mind-numbing action, drop all the danger to family and friends and focus some more on the characters.

What did you think of the first season of The Night Shift? What are you looking forward to seeing in Season 2?

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