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What will Adele’s new album 25 be about?

Big news, wannabe divas: Adele has announced a new album on the way. With 25 comes another dozen-ish songs to bellow along with, and we can’t wait. But as Adele grows older, richer, more in love and more stable, will she remain as relatable as when she was a heartbroken teen?

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Swimming in boatloads of money

Now that she’s a millionaire and lives in quite the posh apartment, she’s not exactly your average middle-class hometown girl. With tons of money comes tons of change. If she goes gangster and starts singing about how we’ve made it rain for her or how she’s having a hard time adjusting to lifestyles of the rich and fabulous, we’ll never be able to relate. We’ll also hate her.


She could always take a note from Lady Gaga and sing about her photographing stalkers, the paparazzi. After becoming a mom, the paps snapped pictures of her on several occasions looking awfully ratchet. We totally understand why she was a hot mess and still firmly believe she’s one lovely lass. But, we bet she has a bone to pick with them. We’re sure the results would be humorous, though not as cathartic for us as it is for her.

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Being a mom

Adele’s world has changed most drastically since 19 and 21, not because of the paps or the bucks but because of that little bundle of joy. Some of us who started our families young will completely relate to whatever Adele has to say about motherhood. We’re even hoping we get a sweet little lullaby out of her. However, for the vast majority of us 25-year-olds who are still out having fun, talk of motherhood isn’t exactly something we understand. As a matter of fact, if she goes too deep, she could end up scaring us away from the experience for another decade. Then our mothers will be super-pissed at her.

Being in love

Adele made her buttloads of money by singing about breakups and heartache. Now that she’s in a stable, loving relationship, is she just going to sing about love and happiness? Love songs are awesome — just ask John Legend. But let’s be real: We’re here for the pain. It’s great that Adele is happy and we’re happy for her. But we listen to Adele so we can wail along and let the tears flow. How can this happen now?

OK, OK. We seriously doubt Adele is going to sing about the paparazzi or her bank account. And we’re also sure she still has plenty of hurt to channel into songs. If, however, 25 brings about a block of happier tunes you can still breathe easy. The announcement of a world tour means you’ll have a chance to sing all those old sad songs still… and right along with the diva herself. Who could ask for more?

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