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10 Memes we’ve hacked to give you a confidence boost

You can’t cue up the internet these days without seeing popular memes plastered all over the place. We decided to give those old favorites a flattering (literally) twist. So buck up, babe… these sweet memes will surely perk up your day.


Ermahgerd girl

Like, ermahgerd… you might be the prettiest person ever. You’re cooler than all the scrunchies and slap bracelets in the world.


Success baby meme

Having you for a friend is like winning the lottery — definitely worthy of the classic clenched-fist-accomplished-face combo.


Bill and Ted meme

I mean, think about it. ‘Cause your level of awesomeness is blowin’ my mind, man.


Chuck Norris Meme

You know what they say… Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups, he pushes the Earth down. Chuck Norris can get Facebook through his beard. When Chuck Norris was 5, he threw a paper airplane — it landed yesterday. If Chuck says you kick major a**, you can go ahead and carve it in stone. Which, of course, Chuck could do with his razor sharp wit.


Borormir meme

Boromir knows what one simply does not do. And when it pertains to measuring up to someone as amazing as you, this valiant man of Middle Earth knows no one else even comes close.


Most interesting man meme

Not just anyone can hang with the most interesting man in the world. But you, my friend, totally have what it takes.


Skeptical baby

Even if Skeptical Baby wasn’t so skeptical, he still wouldn’t believe it if you told him there were people in the universe cooler than you. I mean, really, we’re not even sure we believe that. You’re pretty epic.


Star Trek meme

The degree of your coolness is so astronomical that it flabbergasts Captain Jean-Luc Picard. We’re pretty sure if you don’t start believing in yourself more that it may cause an intergalactic crisis.


Willy Wonka meme

We’re with Willy — we’d absolutely leave you our chocolate factory. You know, if we had one.


Sad Keanu meme

A world with only one you is simultaneously an incredibly happy and an incredibly sad place — happy because you exist, but sad because there aren’t more of you. It’s enough to make Keanu commiserate on park benches with the pigeons.

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