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Ben Falcone says wife Melissa McCarthy was scary, gothic

It may have taken Ben Falcone a little longer to fall in love with his wife Melissa McCarthy than you may have thought. Why? Because the Tammy co-writer and director revealed he was intimidated by her before they met.

Falcone revealed the story about how the pair first met during his appearance on Chelsea Lately on Monday.

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“She is a couple years older than me,” Falcone began. “She was in college in my hometown where I went to high school.”

“She was this goth person,” the 40-year-old continued about McCarthy. “She had blue hair, and she was really scary… in a good way! Scary and pretty!”

So what kind of look was Falcone going for back in high school?

“I had long bangs and a couple of earrings and a Clockwork Orange shirt and Tevas,” he explained. “I had a whole situation… I was light-alt… The girls that I knew were also light-alt, and they would look at Melissa — we didn’t know it was Melissa — but they would go, ‘Man, I wish my mom would let me dress like that.'”

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“So I knew who she was all those years ago and then I married her many years later,” he added.

The hilarious pair have been married since October 2005, and we’re glad Falcone wasn’t intimidated by McCarthy all those years later.

The happy couple now shares two daughters, Vivian, 7, and Georgette, 4.

So what did Falcone think of McCarthy’s look all those years ago?

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“I just stared at her in horror,” Falcone confessed. “She wore kabuki makeup and blue hair and heavy black coats in the summertime. She had a whole thing.”

Watch Ben Falcone’s interview on Chelsea Lately here.

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