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Pretty Little Liars review: A new, tech-savvy A

The new A is back with some technology upgrades that have Ali running for the hills. In a Snapchat-like move, A is covering his/her footsteps tonight on Pretty Little Liars. Not that the liars are going to rat A out anyway. They would have done it by now if they ever planned on it.

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Instead, when A sends Ali a horrifying video of her mother’s dead body being buried in that grave, the girls’ reaction is to continue the hunt for the identity of Bethany Young. Aria (Lucy Hale) is only too happy to jaunt off to Ezra’s place to investigate his boxes of information. The video A sends to Ali deletes itself a short moment later (as if they were going to show it to anyone anyway) and Ali decides it’s time for her to head to the hills and disappear again.

Ali doesn’t waste time calling… wait for it… Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) to help her escape from Rosewood. When Hanna overhears the call, she doesn’t ask anything about Noel. She doesn’t even seem to think it’s odd. Forget the fact that the girls were searching for him only a few episodes ago. Instead of asking Mona (Janel Parrish), why didn’t they just ask Ali? She’s known where he is all along. And she seems to know his secrets. We’d like to know why he’s suddenly decided to opt out of his senior year of high school. Is the whole purpose of his existence now to just forge passports and be Ali’s exit strategy whenever she gets the jitters? So it seems.

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Another thing that really doesn’t make sense is why Travis has feelings for Hanna (Ashley Benson). She constantly forgets her dates with him and doesn’t call or pay attention when she’s sitting right in front of him. She’s being really rude. Why is he so understanding? I would have broken up with her after that first date when she ran away without explanation. He must just really, really like the chase. Otherwise, what’s the point? She’s always ditching him or not paying attention to him. Well, tonight, after all this time of putting up with her, he finally opts out, but not because he’s sick of her ditching him. Nope, he finds out that Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is back in town and “likes her too much” for her to only be halfway in with him. Whatever his reason, it’s about time, dude.

In the hunt for A’s identity, our weekly clues are as follows:

  • Bethany Young sketched a picture of a monster attacking Mrs. D. as she tended her roses. Hmm, we’re going to go out on a limb and say the two didn’t get along. Either that or Bethany knew someone was after Mrs. D. Aria and Ezra find the drawing, which was nicely dropped off in Ezra’s apartment à la Eddie from Radley.
  • A hooded figure attacks Ali, but the girls don’t think it’s A. They think it was someone from Mona’s “I Hate Ali” gang.
  • After Tanner visits Ali, A sends Ali a text that reads, “Time for the caged bird to sing.” A doesn’t want Ali dead anymore, it appears. Or, at least, not right now. We think it means A wants Ali to confess about the details of Shana’s murder.

Are you happy to see Hanna and Travis finally break up? What do you think about the new and technologically-improved A?

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