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5 Reasons Paris Hilton’s new video is awesomely bad

Paris Hilton recently teamed up with Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and her new single, “Come Alive,” dropped last Tuesday. This week, the public has been treated to the song’s new music video and, honestly, we can’t stop watching it.

Hilton shares co-writing credit on the track and “was inspired by the magical feelings of new love, those that make one truly come alive,” according to her team. The magical feeling we get when we watch the four-minute spectacle doesn’t exactly make us truly come alive, but we do feel like we could loop the vid on repeat to get our ab workout in for the day. Here are five things that make the “Come Alive” video oh-so-awesomely bad.

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1. It’s strikingly reminiscent of a Skittles commercial: We can actually taste the rainbow while watching Hilton shake her thing. The fantasy land is complete with bright colors, a rainbow and a unicorn. All that’s missing from the video is a prancing leprechaun. Darn it, now we want some candy.

2. It looks like Hilton has aspirations to be in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Jewel-encrusted bra? Check. Angel-winged lingerie? Check. Enormous flowered swing and ridiculous ensembles a normal person would never wear? Check and check. Adriana Lima walking the runway? Well… four out of five isn’t too bad.

3. If Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus had a baby, it would be this video. It has all the campness and cotton candy that is Katy Perry and all the psychedelic cosmic explosions and flower power that is Miley Cyrus. Throw a girl-on-girl kiss and a Twitter feud in there and you might have some copyright issues.

4. Auto-Tune much? It’s obvious Hilton’s voice has been over-produced within a centimeter of its natural life and, with all of the guff Britney Spears has been catching lately, you can’t help but wonder what this track would sound like sans Auto-Tune. However, Hilton’s timber still comes through and you can definitely still hear in your mind’s eye the heiress leaning over to slowly whisper “that’s hot” in your ear.

5. The choreography: Clearly, the The Simple Life star has a signature move and it’s frolicking coyly before excitedly raising her arms into a “V” over her head. She does it 24 times throughout the the video. Yes, we counted.

You have to hand it to her; at 33, Hilton looks amazing and the woman doesn’t age.

And now… feast your eyes on the greatest video you’ve ever seen since Kim and Kanye in “Bound 2!”

Video credit: Vevo

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