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9 Things we’ve learned from Zayn Malik’s now-public Instagram account

Zayn Malik has always kept his Instagram page private — until now. So, now that he is sharing his photos with all of his fans, what can we learn about the One Direction singer?

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The hashtag “#THANKSZAYNFORMAKINGYOURIGPUBLIC” has been trending all day, and 1Ders are going crazy over the now-public page — so much so that in less than a day, Malik has well over 300,000 followers.

So, what has his Instagram page taught us so far? Here are some of the most significant clues.

1. Zayn Malik may be married?

The singer has been engaged to Perrie Edwards for nearly a year. But this photo shows him with an obvious ring on that finger.

2. He is a lover of animals

Malik probably knows how to be adorable to his fans, especially by captioning the photo of this kitty with “Meet my tiger :).”

3. He was an adorable child (as if we expected any less)

Malik posted this photo of “me and pops.”

4. He is a big comic book fan

Malik posted a photo of this tattoo back in 2012, but he also posts photos of himself in comic book situations, as well as drawings of other superheroes.

5. He understands pop culture

Honestly, we’re not sure what else to get from this photo — captioned “Wrecking ball ! Haha” — other than that he knows who Miley Cyrus is. It’s not clear if it’s an appreciation for her or if he is blatantly making fun of his fellow singer.

6. He sure likes his tattoos

Malik has posted numerous tattoos on his Instagram account and this one shows his arms are pretty much full now.

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7. He understands his appeal

8. Again, he knows how to take the perfect shirtless photo of himself

He knows what the girls want.

9. Deep down, the One Direction guys are all just normal 20-somethings

This photo, captioned “Good times in the bus :)” — along with the rest of his Instagram photos — shows that the guys are just normal (albeit famous) people who enjoy the same things as most other 20-year-old guys.

Tell us — what did you learn from Zayn Malik’s now-public Instagram account?

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