EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Shockers Cameron Diaz won't tell mom in Sex Tape

Jul 16, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET

In the age of the Cloud, a mystifying web storage device no one really seems to understand, the potential for a digital sex tape to be shared with hundreds, if not thousands of people, looms large. Watch our exclusive clip to see how Cameron Diaz's character deals with her own sex tape disaster.

Personal sex tapes have been around since the widespread availability of the home video camera, more than two decades ago. Some of us remember when Rob Lowe's sex tape made its rounds way back in 1988. There wasn't really an internet to watch it on, so people made bootleg copies of VCR tapes that were grainy and horrible in quality… uh, so we've heard.

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But the new film Sex Tape, which has nothing to do with a videotape since the "tape" in question was created on an iPad, explores the scary reality of exposing one's sex life in our new digital reality. It's terrifying, in fact!

In our exclusive clip of this great date movie, Annie (Cameron Diaz) has asked her mother Linda (Nancy Lenehan from The New Adventures of Old Christine) to watch her two kids while she and her husband Jay (Jason Segel) run around town in an attempt to retrieve iPads that have been "infected" with their own three-hour sex tape via the Cloud.

While Linda uses her mother's intuition to surmise that something is troubling Annie, Annie assures her mother she can handle the situation and will never share this particular problem with her.

"There are some things I really want to share with you and some things you should die never knowing," said Annie to her mother. Boy, we can relate!

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In the movie, Annie and Jay decide to spice things up by trying every sex position from the book The Joy of Sex by author Alex Comfort, first published in 1972. The 42-year-old book certainly holds up in sentiment and positive sexual content, but some of the illustrations are downright "bushy" as the characters in the movie point out.

It seemed quite funny to us and to the filmmakers how personal body grooming "down there" has drastically changed over the years — even for men. Clearly, the term "manscaping" was not yet invented in 1972.

Sex Tape opens in theaters on Friday, July 18.