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The Bachelorette review: No fantasy suite for one

Andi sends one guy packing early tonight on The Bachelorette. The love wasn’t there so neither was the fantasy suite.

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette. Do not continue reading unless you want all the dirty details about tonight’s fantasy suite-filled episode.

So it’s back to the farm in Iowa for Chris. Andi didn’t even give him the fantasy suite option tonight before telling him she just didn’t see a life there for the two of them together.

After grilling him over dinner about how they were going to solve the location problem, Andi admitted that it really didn’t have anything to do with Iowa, after all. She just didn’t see the “foundation” between the two of them to make it last.

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Chris was pretty taken aback and shocked by the turn of events but handled himself like a gentleman, of course. He may have been surprised, but we weren’t. After last week when he said he was looking for a homemaker lady, we knew Andi wasn’t the right match for him. We don’t doubt he had strong feelings for her, but at the end of the day, they were both just looking for very different things.

On the other hand, Nick and Josh both profusely and earnestly profess their love for Andi, and they waltz off into fantasy suite bliss.

Andi does the usual thing in this situation, and still offers roses to the final two guys: Josh and Nick. She wants to make sure they accept the rose and are serious about her. You know, the usual drill.

Josh dramatically glances to his left, noticing the absent space where Chris should be standing. Chris Harrison, with a very serious and stern expression on his face, makes the announcement that Chris is no longer on the show. Oh the dramatics! At the end of the day, both remaining guys gladly and wholeheartedly accept their roses from Andi.

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Both of the guys are surprisingly confident about their connection with Andi. After accepting their roses at the rose ceremony, they both brag about their odds of ending up with the Bachelorette. They both think there’s no way she will choose the other. Confidence is sexy. It’s just going to lead to one really, really broken heart in this case.

Side note, Andi admits she wet the bed until 5th grade. Have we mentioned recently how much we love her on The Bachelorette? Why? Exactly because of that little tidbit from her past. She’s so awkward! And it’s so fantastic because we would be just as awkward in her situation. It’s kind of amazing.

We have a feeling the Men Tell All next week will be full of laughs too.

Were you surprised Chris was sent home so early tonight? Did Andi make a mistake?

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