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Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper grateful for drug meltdown

Rapper Christ Bearer has been to hell and back, but he’s looking at his April meltdown as “a blessing, not a curse.” In a new interview with the New York Daily News, the musician talks about what happened during his drug-fueled haze.

During his delirium, Christ Bearer — also known by his real name, Andre Johnson — cut off his own penis. However, he didn’t lose his entire member, nor was it reattached by surgeons.

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He explained to the New York periodical, “Doctors didn’t reattach it, but I definitely have some penis left. I always say a penis is a penis. And the sensation is still there. I definitely still get extremely aroused if I see a beautiful woman. That being said, I definitely believe sex is for mortals, and I am god. So this is a blessing, not a curse.”

The 41-year-old star also clarified that it was not a suicide attempt when he injured himself and then jumped off the second-storey balcony of his North Hollywood, California, home.

He said, “By no means was I trying to kill myself. I was under the influence of PCP. It’s a drug that I had stopped doing for years, but I just got back from Ohio and got back into that lifestyle for a few days. It definitely was not wise.”

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The Northstar member also knows how fortunate he is to have jumped from the second floor. If he had been on a higher floor, the outcome would have been much different.

“I was lucky I was only on the second floor. If I was any higher, it would have been a tragedy. The height didn’t make any difference to me. I wasn’t aware of the height,” he said. “I was so happy to wake up in the hospital.”

For now, the rapper is focused on his family and his new daughter, Kennedy, who was born only two weeks after his injury. He also has two other daughters, Lana, 2, and Lauren, 8.

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Christ Bearer is counting his blessings for a second chance.

He summed up, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. My message is about peace and harmony and love, everybody getting along.”

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