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Christopher Walken to play Captain Hook: Our 5 Favorite CW moments

If dry humor was a science, Christopher Walken would be Hollywood’s lead authority on the subject. He went from playing bada**, mostly serious roles, to becoming known for his unique delivery of quirky, dry humor. Here’s a look at our five favorite Christopher Walken moments.

Fatboy Slim

Christopher Walken isn’t just a comic genius, he also has impressive dance moves. Probably the only thing better than a Fatboy Slim song is a Fatboy Slim video with Walken busting a move throughout the entire song. Any “Top 10 videos of all time” list that doesn’t have this on it isn’t worth your time.

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Joe Dirt

In Joe Dirt, Walken plays a school janitor in the Witness Protection Program. Under pressure, “Clem” reverts to his old mobster ways, as we see here when Joe Dirt’s archnemesis, Robby, mocks Dirt.

Wedding Crashers

In Wedding Crashers, Walken plays the classic powerful, intimidating father of the bride. Secretary Cleary is not without his issues — he has a wife who hits on the dinner guests, a daughter who is completely nuts and a son who ties people to the bed in the middle of the night. Walken navigates this hilarious role with the same monotone authority we have come to expect.

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The Three Little Pigs

After listening to Walken’s interpretation of The Three Little Pigs, we guarantee you will never hear or read this story the same ever again. “Exit Pig 1. Pig 2, same story.” This will be the best five minutes you spend today.

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More cowbell

We saved the best for last. Will Ferrell’s chubby, hairy, enthusiastic cowbell playing teamed with Walken’s insistence that he has a fever and “the only prescription is more cowbell” is the stuff Saturday Night Live legends are made of. Walken’s “Bruce Dickinson” remains one of our all-time favorite SNL characters.

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