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BBC launches full Doctor Who teaser starring Peter Capaldi

BBC has finally released a real, honest-to-goodness Doctor Who full-length teaser starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and it’s full of familiar foes and friends. We’re less than a month out from the return of the Doctor, and this promo promises plenty of adventure. It’s the perfect present for all those Whovians who didn’t download the sketchy pirated premiere that’s been causing a stir at the BBC.

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The new promo is quite exciting! The best part is, of course, the narration by a Dalek. Those terrifying trash cans may be some of our most hated foes, but we’ll always get giddy at the thought of seeing the Doctor battle those laser-shooting plunger-faces. We also catch a few other interesting glimpses, including a T. rex wreaking havoc at the Parliament building and the return of Vastra and Victorian London. We also can’t wait to see what lands a nightshirt-adorned Doctor atop a galloping horse.

The promo ends with a question from the Doctor that we’re already familiar with: “Am I a good man?” It’s a question Clara, still relatively new to the companion game, isn’t quite sure how to answer — and as we’re promised that we’ll travel into darkness, we’re beginning question his goodness ourselves. Finally.

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The new teaser (which premiered during the World Cup final) comes on the heels of a scandalous week for the BBC. Unsourced images and video supposedly from the forthcoming Doctor Who series premiere recently began to filter through various outlets. Soon enough, those snippets were followed by word that the entire rough cut of the premiere was available on certain video pirating websites. The images were in black and white, a new title sequence had yet to be added and there were clearly some vacant spots for commercials or more scenes. However, it was as close to the real deal as fans have come in months, and many were eager to take a look at all the never-before-seen footage.

Whovians unwilling to risk their computer’s safety, who were perhaps paranoid of the BBC’s wrath and thus refused to believe the images were real or who would rather wait for the real thing were soon assured by the BBC. The network issued a statement regarding the footage and the ongoing investigation into who leaked the video. Looks like someone might have to spend some time in the Tower of London.

As the video says, Doctor Who returns on Saturday, August 23. Ready for some Dalek destruction?

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