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3 Reasons John Legend’s “You and I” is better than “All of Me

If you thought John Legend’s “All of Me” was the ultimate love song, his new single will prove you very wrong. “You and I” shares a similar message but is infinitely more beautiful. It’s also able to easily go from a first-dance song to a tear-jerking father-daughter moment. And the video? It does things to us.

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This new string of loving singles isn’t a new thing for Legend. Songs like 2009’s “Everybody Knows” and “Save Room” are perfect examples of Legend’s continuing efforts to make ladies weak in the knees. However, Legend’s newest ballad, “You and I (Nobody in the World),” cannot be topped. There’s just so much to love.

It’s the sweetest of love songs

Similar to “All of Me,” the new single is about a girl who is already perfect. Legend proclaims throughout the video that he already loves the lady in question more than anyone else ever could. He mentions the long getting-ready process we ladies go through, putting on 10 pounds of make-up and trying on everything we own. He’s adamant, though, that we start out beautiful from the very beginning. (And, of course, he’s right.) Any dude who dedicates this song to his girlfriend should just prepare for the inevitable wedding-dress shopping and discussion of baby names. She’s going to marry him.

It’s more than just romantic

Legend and his gorgeous wife Chrissy Teigen may not have kids yet, but they definitely want them, and this song seems like something he could sing to his daughter someday. Songs about daughters are no new thing, and some of them (we’re lookin’ at you, “Butterfly Kisses”) are just a little too cheesy. We love the idea that just as “You and I” can be used for a first-dance song at a wedding, it also makes for the perfect soundtrack to a father-daughter dance. When Legend croons about all the other boys lining up to be with his girl, we especially feel like that’s more of a line from a proud daddy. He loved her first… and he’s going to be much better at sharing that love than any grimy kid on the playground.

And then there’s that video

Ready for a real tearjerker? The oh-so-emotional video for “You and I” shows what a mirror sees when we step in front of it. Dozens of women step up to the camera, which acts as a mirror, and we watch as they scrutinize themselves. We see rail-thin women, curvy ladies, girls with special needs, girls with scars, transgendered women, bald women and a woman who examines her body post-mastectomy. We watch them squint, scowl, scrutinize and sob in front of their “mirror.” It’s not a pleasant video — but it’s real. And it’s a perfect commentary on the way we look at ourselves versus the way our loved ones see us. We dare you not to cry.
And, yes, there are a couple snippets of Teigen and Legend together, too. We can’t imagine Teigen has flaws, but since she’s a woman, we’re sure she’s capable of finding them in herself. Luckily, she has a man like Legend to write whole songs dedicated to her beauty and his love. Until we find our own man like that, we hope she doesn’t mind sharing his wisdom.

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