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SK Confessional: I’m obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch, and here’s why

I have a problem. (Well, I have several.) The biggest one right now is an obsessive fixation on British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

It was just announced that he will make his first appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con on July 24. How do I feel about knowing Benedict Cumberbatch will be in my time zone? I’m falling out of my chair.

Before you even ask, I will not be attending for fear of excited implosion. My husband (yes, I have a very hot husband, thank you) says if I ever met Benedict, I wouldn’t be able to talk. I would just stutter vowels. He’s probably right. That said, my problem is all my husband’s fault.

He was the one who made me sit down and watch some BBC show called Sherlock, and Sherlock is where this whole obsession began. How could it not? In 2010, Benedict Cumberbatch was a little-known but well-respected indie actor. For Sherlock, stylists had him grow his curly hair long and dye it black, which made his bright blue eyes even brighter.

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The stylists dressed him in Spencer Hart suits, Dolce & Gabbana shirts (the now-famous “Purple Shirt of Sex”) and a killer coat. Since Benedict is slim, the costume designer had things tailored super slim — which had the effect of showing off how nice that “slim” body is. Talk about a silhouette! And the voice. The voice! The kind of voice that gives goosebumps.

By the time the first episode was over, I was online, looking up Ben… Ben… what was his name again? I had to search the show to find the immensity of “Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch.” It was then I realized I was late to the party. Britain had known about this guy for ages, and there were already two completed seasons of Sherlock released and ready to watch.

Then, came Star Trek: Into Darkness, where he played epic villain (spoiler) Khan. For the role, Benedict ate 4,000 calories a day and bulked up four suit sizes. Yeah, we noticed. I showed up opening night in a T-shirt with his face on it. My problem is very serious.

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OK, OK, so he’s hot and he’s a dang good villain, but let’s be honest: he’s a total goofball. He photobombed U2 at the Oscars. He loves to dance. (We of the Cumber Collective have extensive visual evidence.) When asked about his allure, he says, “I enjoy being considered handsome, even though I think it’s hysterical.”

He is hysterical. He’s funny and kind and acts like a little kid… when he’s not wearing Spencer Hart on the runway. Maybe this is part of my obsession: Benedict Cumberbatch just seems so dang happy! He’s never the grumpy celeb signing autographs with a frown. He’s not out getting drunk and drag racing. When asked what he wants more time for, he says, “Reading books.” Arrrrrgh, I just melted into a puddle…

What’s funny is he says he’s had trouble meeting women recently because they all think they’re meeting Sherlock (who would make a terrible boyfriend) when they’re really meeting Just Ben. Thankfully, there are rumors as of late that he does have a special lady. Thank goodness, because the man really wants to be a father. Shoot, I just melted into another puddle…

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In days, Benedict will celebrate his 38th birthday, and Cumberbabes the world over have started charity funds dedicated to July 19. He was just nominated for a primetime Emmy for his portrayal of Sherlock in Season 3 and his feature film, Imitation Game, will be released November 21. (There’s already Oscar buzz.) Plus, they just announced Sherlock will be back for four more episodes next time around. Another big year for a talented man who deserves to do well.

Maybe I do have a massive board on Pinterest dedicated to the guy. Maybe my friends call me their “Purveyor of Words, Wisdom and Benedict Cumberbatch.” Maybe the room gets a little warm when I hear his deep British voice. But hey, if you’re going to be obsessed with a celebrity, might as well be a nice guy, right? A nice guy with gorgeous cheekbones and a great butt.

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