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Colin Farrell on True Detective? The Season 2 rumors heat up

Finally, some word on the new season of True Detective. Despite rumors that the second season would switch it up with two female detectives, Variety reports that Irish actor Colin Farrell is in the mix to join the cast this season.

Last year’s six-episode season earned stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey Emmy nominations for their work as Detectives Marty Hart and Rust Cohle — and HBO hasn’t been shy about their desire to woo some big-name stars to the cast for the next mystery.

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This could be a great career move for Farrell. His February release, Winter’s Tale, didn’t translate to big box office numbers — and, prior to that, his appearance in the charming Saving Mr. Banks was strictly family fare. Darker projects have always been a better fit for Farrell. His most memorable performance to date has been his turn in 2008’s In Bruges, an ex-killer-for-hire wrestling with his conscience managed to be hilarious and painful at the same time. The movie won him his first Golden Globe.

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Besides, as we’ve all seen from Matthew McConaughey’s amazing career renaissance over the last few years, smaller, grittier projects are definitely the way to go to re-establish credibility. Farrell’s got the chops and, thus far, he’s been short on opportunities to prove it. True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto has created a world full of opportunities for star-making performances.

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On the other hand, what happened to all those rumors swirling around that the second season would feature two female detectives? We weren’t expecting Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy to reprise their roles from The Heat or anything, but the primetime landscape is pretty littered with dozens of shows about white male detectives having existential angst over how their caseload takes over their personal lives. Granted, there are still two more major roles to be cast this season, but we’re hoping that HBO will put a spin on the old “angst-ing white guy” formula and add some women and some racial diversity to the second season’s lineup.

We were so excited at the news that Jessica Chastain may possibly join the cast, though that rumor proved to be wishful thinking. If Colin Farrell’s new detective is in need of a partner, may we suggest Lupita Nyong’o or Gina Torres?

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