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Did The Bachelorette producers deal with Eric Hill’s exit well?

The world was deeply shocked and saddened when the news broke that The Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill died in a tragic accident soon after leaving the show.

The producers made the decision to feature Hill’s ups and downs on the show, but the decision sparked controversy and disapproval from many. And among those who feel the producers handled Hill’s exit from the show in a strange way is former The Bachelorette star Trista Sutter.

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“I’m glad they edited the show to still include him because they could have just not included him in the show,” Sutter told Parade magazine during a recent interview. “It obviously was part of the process for Andi [Dorfman] and I think it would have been unfair to not include him even if it was hard for people to see.”

Some fans believe that in Hill’s send-off episode, the fight between him and Dorfman just before the rose ceremony did not do him justice. And the fact that the producers chose to cut after that scene and not include the rose ceremony was strange. The ceremony was replaced with a Q-and-A session between Dorfman and the show’s host Chris Harrison to speak about Hill’s death instead.

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“I thought that it was strange that they didn’t do the rose ceremony. I know that they were doing it in a way to honor him, but it just felt odd to me,” Sutter said. “It wasn’t a negative thing, I just maybe wanted them to do a screen shot at the end or have Andi say something at the end. To get rid of the rose ceremony seemed off.”

Do you agree with Trista Sutter, or did the show’s producers make the right decision to cut the rose ceremony?

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