Catfight no more: Janice Dickinson and Tyra Banks end feud

Janice Dickinson wants to put the past behind her and end her feud with America’s Next Top Model star Tyra Banks.

Dickinson has had some seriously nasty words for Tyra Banks over the years, and she was very unimpressed that she was sacked from the show, even claiming that America’s Next Top Model was rigged. However, Dickinson now wants the catfight to be a thing of the past, and she’s making the apologies that need to be made.

“The one regret I’ve had is badmouthing Miss Tyra Banks when I was not speaking with a sober mindset,” Dickinson revealed to Us Weekly. “I just want to take this time to apologize to Tyra, and say I’m terribly sorry for any of the antagonistic things I’ve said about her in the past. It was just because I was hurt from being fired from the show.”

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So what has made the former model change her mind and decide to apologize to her nemesis?

Well, being engaged to Dr. Robert “Rocky” Gerner appears to have made Dickinson a new woman (inside and out). The The Surreal Life star got engaged to her beau in 2011, and before the pair tie the knot she wants to make amends with those she has wronged in the past.

“I want to go to the marriage with Rocky with a clean slate and not having any regrets or resentments, and I think I’ve said some pretty nasty things, which I humbly want to say I’m terribly sorry,” she said.

And as mentioned previously, it’s not just Dickinson’s personality that she’s working on, but also her outer appearance — she’s redone her breast implants.

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During an episode of E!’s Botched, Dickinson said, “I really wanted to be in Spartan shape in time for my impending wedding.”