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The Fact That People Still Seriously Call Wendy Williams a Man Is Really Sad

Yes, Wendy Williams is undoubtedly controversial. She’s criticized Paris Jackson’s racial identity, made a punch line out of Britney Spears’ mental health and made irresponsible comments about Kesha’s sexual assault lawsuit — just to start.

But still. Just because Williams has said some things that aren’t exactly, um, polite doesn’t mean the public has the greenlight to call her gender identity into question and say she looks like a man. And even though it’s 2017, this still happens to her. All. The. Time.

Seriously? Because questioning someone’s gender identity is the ultimate dis and the epitome of original comedy. Not.

And it’s not like Williams hasn’t already addressed the issue. In fact, she’s been extremely candid about it.

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Williams admitted years ago that people think she was born a man and recognizes there’s not much she can do about it.

“I get where that comes from, but in my opinion, there’s no worse way to insult a woman than to say she looks like a man… [but] there’s nothing you can call me at this particular point,” she said in a 2014 interview with ABC News. “I’ve been dealing with this for decades.”

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Originally published July 2014. Updated January 2017.

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