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AJ McLean: The BSB Cruise would blow your bachelorette party out of the water

When you think of a Backstreet Boys Cruise, you wouldn’t imagine phallic-shaped inflatables and one BSB “bad boy” in particular stripping down to his chonies, would you? Well, you should, because it happened. And AJ McLean spilled all the details on the craziest experience thus far on the going-on-four-years, three-day cruise.

It was “bachelorette night,” and to ensure it wouldn’t get to out of control, they made an announcement prior to the trip to keep it “a little low-key,” asking attendees to refrain from bringing “giant inflatable penises and penis squirt guns” and the like.

“Sure enough, it was that times about 20,” McLean recalls. “I actually stripped down to nothing but my leopard Speedos and kept my bowtie on. Then, I wore a T-shirt around the rest of the night that said, ‘Blow Me.’ There were all kinds of craziness. It’s just what the fans want to see.”

Did you hear that, ladies? If you want to see it, you’ll get it on the Backstreet Boys Cruise.

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And it wasn’t just McLean who let loose. Brian Littrell and Howie Dorough did a little crowd surfing of their own, but it was Kevin who took home the prize as the most hands-on Backstreet Boy of the night.

“Kevin did not do crowd surfing,” McLean reveals, “but he was squirting vodka into girls’ mouths with penis squirt guns. Definitely lots of craziness going on.”

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Makes you wonder, though, how do the wives feel about this? They have to be pretty peeved, right? According to McLean, that is absolutely not the case.

“I think after the first cruise, they all saw how crazy it is,” he says. “Brian’s wife has actually been to all three cruises, but a couple of the other wives bowed out.

“It’s really not about being with your family and friends,” he continues. “It’s about being with your fans. And let’s face it: Our fans don’t want to see us all kissy-kissy, huggy-huggy with our wives and missuses.”

Damn straight.

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But at the heart of it, the cruise is really all about the guys spending time with “the best fans in the world,” and vice versa.

“This is a time for everyone to just go and let loose,” McLean says. “Forget about your 9-5, your troubles or stresses you’re dealing with at home, your jobs and personal life; and just come out and have fun with your favorite band for three whole nights and days.”

For all you lifelong and newbie Backstreet Boys fans, the next cruise departs Oct. 24 from Miami, but you’ll have to book quickly as space is limited. For more info about the Backstreet Boys Cruise, visit

“Start sleeping now,” McLean warns. “You’re going to need the rest.”

Backstreet Boys 2014 Cruise from ground(ctrl) on Vimeo.

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