La Toya Jackson explains how "Feels Like Love" put a wedge in her relationship

Jul 11, 2014 at 8:15 a.m. ET

The lovely and oh-so-sweet La Toya Jackson recently stopped by SheKnows HQ for a chat and gave us a sneak peek at what's ahead on her new OWN show, Life with La Toya. This week, Jackson's trepidation over a studio session and a song she dislikes may make things just as uncomfortable out of the studio as they do when she's recording.

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"On this episode of Life with La Toya, you'll visit me going into the studio and singing the song, 'Feels Like Love' — a song I did not wanna do. I was so against doing this song," Jackson explained. "But, I had to do it on my own terms, so I decided to do it after I was being pushed, but I did it my way. Which is quite interesting because it did turn out differently. And I like it very much."

Don't worry. Jackson gets through the song. She's a professional, after all. However, the trepidation over the uncomfortable studio session and unwanted song had La Toya on edge. Mix in two friends who are far more gung-ho about wedding planning than Jackson and you're looking at a recipe for disaster. Or, at least, added tension in her relationships.

"You'll also see on this episode that I get cold feet," Jackson said. "And Jeffre is a little sad about it because he feels it's my way out, because I'm trying to get back into the music. And he's thinking, 'Well, you didn't want to sing. You didn't want to get back into the music.' But, I do it [anyway]. So, he thinks it's an excuse and an escape to avoid the wedding."

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Just how sad did her new fiancé wind up? It turns out the man who has been by her side for years, in and out of the recording studio, actually grew quite distant. It sounds like as pressures mounted in Jackson's life surrounding "Feels Like Love" and their impending nuptials, Jackson got nervous and Jeffre grew distant... really distant. But, can you blame him?

"But, what you don't know, is whenever I do anything, Jeffre's right there. He's hands-on," Jackson shared. "But, because he was so disturbed by my actions and what I was doing, he didn't show up to the studio. He couldn't care less. He wasn't around. And when he did show up, he was always down... he felt I was avoiding his feelings and avoiding everything about him and not caring about his feelings. But the truth is I was afraid. We all get afraid, don't we?"

Poor Jeffre! To see how it all goes down, make sure to tune in to Life with La Toya on OWN, Saturdays at 10/9c. And to find out a life lesson straight from Ms. Jackson herself, watch the rest of our interview at the top.

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