9 Things you didn't know about Jacquie Lee

Jul 10, 2014 at 11:15 a.m. ET
Image: Vijat Mohindra

We chatted with the Season 5 runner-up of The Voice to find out about her new single "Broken Ones" and discovered some surprising facts about the 17-year-old singer.

1. She would make a great Beatles groupie.

Lee said meeting John Lennon would get her starstruck. "I am quite a Beatles fan," Lee told us, "And I wish I was part of that generation because I would sure go anywhere to see him."

2. Ed Sheeran makes her heart flutter.

The singer said her celebrity crush is Ed Sheeran, who she admires because his, "music is very honest, and that says a lot about his character."

3. She doesn't want the persona of Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga.

"I want my music to be real. For girls and boys. So many young girls admire celebrities who create this persona that they are untouchable. I aim to be as real as possible."

4. Her hobbies include flag football and field hockey.

Get it, girl! And though Lee says she enjoys these sports, "being an artist is my only passion. I know it's 100 percent what I'm made for. It's who I am. This is what I want to be doing for the rest of my time."

5. She really relates to her song "Broken Ones."

"I've had to fight my own demons, and it's an ongoing battle. Overthinking is something that breaks me down a lot. It's definitely one of my flaws." The singer also added, "...my mind wanders in the nighttime — it is a blessing for songwriting."

6. She values relationships and family.

"One thing I can say is always treasure the time you have with your family," the 17-year-old advises. Clearly, her voice isn't the only mature thing about the teen.

Lee also dished, "The highlight of my life so far is the new relationships I've made and people I've met."

7. She's interested in learning music business strategy.

Lee wants to have a well-rounded view of her career, and that includes learning the business side of the industry. "I've learned a lot of valuable life lessons as well as a lot of music business strategies," Lee said of her career so far.

8. Fame scares her.

"Fame is scary to me because I've seen so many people sabotage themselves and go so far off course from who they started out to be. I am not worried I will lose myself because I know my core. However, I can't forget to enjoy what I've worked so hard for and make time for the people I love because they are my foundation."

9. Her album will be for the broken ones.

"I'm showing my love to the broken ones right now by performing my song across the nation on tour," Lee gushed. "And I will continue to love all the broken people with more music. I'm working on an album for them."

Lee is currently participating in The Voice Summer Tour 2014, which will continue until Aug. 1. After that, she'll be finishing up her album. You can buy her new single "Broken Ones" on iTunes now.