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10 Music festival fails, as documented on YouTube

Music festivals are the perfect storm for epic fails. We rounded up the most hilarious and epic music festival fails as documented on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

1. Flip flop fail
Flip flops are pretty much standard-issue festival footwear. However, this guy at the Coachella music festival is having some major issues putting on his flip flops. Yes, you simply slide them on your foot, but he is having some serious depth perception issues. In fact, he gives up for a bit to hit on some girls before trying to put them on again. You have to admire his persistence — and don’t be surprised if you start rooting for drunk flip flop guy.

2. Crowd surfing fail
One girl at the Ultra Music Festival decided to crowd surf with a prop — a large inflatable raft. Although the crowd played along for a bit, they quickly lost interest, resulting in an epic crowd-surfing fail. In typical festival fashion, they made sure to cheer her on after she recovered.

3. Getting dressed in a tent fail
Camping out is part of the festival experience; however, getting dressed in a tent can be pretty tricky, especially after drinking in the sun all day. One festival-goer was having a difficult time putting his shorts on in his tent — and his friends could have helped him, but they wanted to video it instead — resulting in a hilarious festival epic fail.

4. Urinal fail
Along with camping, urinals are another common sight at music festivals. Even though the girl in the video is speaking a different language, what happens at the urinal needs no translating.

5. Walking in mud fail
Music festivals are often dusty and, if it has been rainy, muddy as well. What happens when you combine two drunk dudes with a giant mud hole? You get a walking-in-mud fail.

6. Slip ‘N Slide fail
No matter how fun it sounds to be pulled with bungee cord down a Slip ‘N Slide at Coachella, don’t do it. Just don’t. Don’t believe me? Watch this bikini girl get a little more speed than she bargained for.

7. Mud sliding epic fail
Golden shower, anyone? For some reason, sliding through the mud sounds like a good idea after a few beverages when you are at a festival. One man, however, got more than he bargained for when he slid right into a girl who was squatting to pee. Total epic fail.

8. Dirty Dancing fail
Remember that scene in Dirty Dancing, when Jennifer Grey runs into Patrick Swayze’s arms and he effortlessly lifts her overhead? Or even that scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love when Ryan Gosling does the same move and lifts Emma Stone over his head? Yeah, that didn’t happen at all when two guys at Coachella decided to show off their “skills.”

9. Stuck in a tent fail
Usually getting out of a tent is pretty straightforward. You simply unzip and climb out. However, if you are hung over (or still drunk) after partying at the Glastonbury Festival, then it might take you almost a minute to figure out how to get out. Good thing his friends got the entire thing on video.

10. Drunk guy total fail
From the looks of it, you might want to wear your football pads and helmet next time you are at Lollapalooza. One man, for no apparent reason other than drinking way too much, went from walking in circles to tackling a group of girls to stealing a guy’s hat… all in about 30 seconds. Total festival fail, but pretty hilarious.

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