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Matthew Knowles slapped with new paternity suit

Booze-fueled fights. Cheating spouses. Multiple paternity tests. Are we talking about an episode of Maury Povich or pop music royalty?

For the second time since 2010, Beyoncé Knowles’ dad, Matthew Knowles, has been hit with a paternity suit claiming he fathered a child with a former dalliance.

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Thirty-year-old TaQoya Branscomb claims that Knowles impregnated her in 2010 and is seeking a DNA test, a declaration of paternity and child support. She filed legal documents in Dallas, Texas, and told TMZ that she is a former lingerie model turned real estate agent.

Knowles’ former wife, Tina Knowles, filed for divorce from Matthew in 2010, shortly after he was hit by another suit filed by a woman named Alexsandra Wright. Wright had an 18-month affair with Matthew that resulted in the conception of a baby boy. DNA results came back positive and Matthew was ordered to pay $12,000 a month in child support. The amount was later greatly reduced after Beyoncé fired her father from managing her music career.

Though Beyoncé has never publicly made negative comments about her father, the events in 2010 may have caused friction within the Knowles family. Matthew married Gena Avery last summer and both Beyoncé and her sister, Solange Knowles, were no-shows at the wedding. Matthew claimed his daughters were unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

This recent paternity suit comes hot on the heels of widespread internet rumors that Beyoncé’s husband, rapper Jay Z, has been cheating on the songstress. Beyoncé herself stirred up the gossip when she took to the stage last week during a show for the couple’s On The Road tour. The “Drunk in Love” singer performed in a wedding-dress-inspired ensemble and made several alterations to song lyrics that were construed by many to be calling out Jay Z for cheating on her. Isn’t there a saying that women always marry men like their fathers?

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