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Farrah Abraham throws shade at Jenelle Evans

Is it the pot calling the kettle black? That’s what it seems like when Farrah Abraham recently called out fellow Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans, for having a second baby.

Evans gave birth to a second son on June 30 with her current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Her first son with Andrew Lewis currently lives with her mother, Barbara Evans.

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While the mother of two is trying to get her act together after multiple arrests and an addiction to heroin, it’s Abraham who’s throwing shade at her former co-star.

In an interview with RumorFix, the porn star revealed how she felt about Evans’ recent news.

She said, “Congrats to her. I don’t follow their lives I don’t watch their shows, because I am beyond that. In my life, women are not continually having babies and putting hardships and having the drama and putting the hardships around their children. I’m really not about living that lifestyle anymore. And I only want to make the best environment for my daughter.”

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Abraham has a daughter, Sophia, from her teen romance with Derek Underwood, who died in a car accident eight months into her pregnancy. Since then, the reality star has made questionable choices about her own life.

While she hasn’t had another child, the 23-year-old has made a significant amount of money through the porn industry with her self-proclaimed sex tape with James Deen. Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was a huge hit for Vivid Entertainment.

Abraham proclaimed in the interview, “I would never go find a boyfriend right now get pregnant have a second child without a plan,” and that she’s “happy that [that she’s] made success out of a lot of tragedy and hard years.”

However, it seems to be Evans who had the last laugh. In response to Abraham’s comments about her personal life, she tweeted: 

Evans wins this round.

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