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Are Andi Dorfman’s “Stop!” and “Shut Up!”s just as annoying as Juan Pablo’s “Ees OK”s?

Everything may have been, “Ees OK,” from bachelor Juan Pablo, but bachelorette Andi Dorfman has some choice exclamations of her own. Her “Stop!” and “Shut Up!”s may be getting just as out of control.

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Andi Dorfman famously left Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, making sure he knew just how annoying all his, “Ees OK,” comments were before she left. “It’s not OK,” she told him, as the two ended their relationship. “And I want to die if I have to hear ‘Ees OK,’ again.”

We can’t help but notice, though, Andi has a saying of her own that she often puts on repeat: “Stop,” which seems to be her go-to exclamation. But not as a way to tell people “no” or to halt movement. She uses the phrase as a way of saying something is great or unbelievable.

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She’s been using her favorite phrase throughout the entire season. She used the word during her one-on-one with Chris in week two when they went to the horse race; in the car during week two with Eric; as her reaction to cookie tasting with Marquel in week one; and on and on the list goes.

She also mixes it up sometimes with, “Shut. Up,” which seemed to be her go-to during hometowns last week. When Chris showed her his tractor, her reaction: “Shut. Up!” And she used the phrase a few times as she stared in awe at the giant machinery.

We aren’t the only ones to notice Andi’s buzzwords either. Jimmy Kimmel quickly picked up on the attorney’s favorite phrase and put together a mash-up video from her first few weeks of dates.

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In fact, when anything awes or amazes Andi, her go-to phrase seems to be “Stop,” which Kimmel points out is actually a break from tradition as past Bachelorettes have tended to overuse the word, “Amazing.” At least Andi is being different.

Though viewers have noticed the bachelorette’s favorite saying, (we have to keep in mind the show has been edited down from weeks to only hours) the guys seem to be oblivious. At least, not one of them has been annoyed enough to tell her to “stop.”

The moral of the story: We all have ticks. Ees OK.

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