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Brian Williams has a lot to say about The Bachelorette

Who knew Brian Williams was such a fan of The Bachelorette? The anchor offered some hilarious opinions on the show during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers last night. We’ve detailed the highlights from the video for your reading pleasure.

1. “Juan Pablo was a troubled man.”

In a very politically correct and brilliantly understated way, Brian Williams began by discussing the divide Juan Pablo wreaked on Bachelor fans everywhere. He says that this week — hometown dates — for Andi will be very telling for the direction of the show. He says it all with a perfectly composed straight face.

2. “… opportunity as a homemaker in Iowa. Hello, red flag.”

Last night, Chris tried to convince Andi that life on a farm as a wife and mother would be everything she ever wanted and more. He even went so far as to say he wanted his wife to be the “homemaker,” while Andi is wondering if she could practice law in the town of under 800 people. As Williams delivers so flawlessly, it sounds like the two want very different things.

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3. “We have nicknames for them all. Not all of them are suitable for family viewing, even at this hour.”

Williams goes on to say a lot of the nicknames are based on the men’s hair or fear of losing hair. He really makes it clear that he thinks these guys are hilarious to make fun of winners.

4. “Why do they have to hold them [the roses] like they’re playing darts in Scotland?”

Williams ponders very accurately why the men clutch their little flowers so precariously with two hands. As Williams says, “Just fling it around.” Or better yet, ask one of their fellow friends to help them pin it on their suit. That would be so much fun to watch.

5. “It’s hard for me not to want you to host The Bachelor.”

Seth Myers says the above quote to which Williams responds, “Ya,” in a very philosophical way. He concludes it would never work because he wouldn’t be able to keep the straight face necessary for all the dramatics. We have to disagree.

Watch the full video below.

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