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Why Miley Cyrus’ video with The Flaming Lips is a flaming pile

Could we please have some production value? Granted, this video was filmed when Miley Cyrus was bedridden in a hospital, but this video feels like a band of half-a**ed teenagers decided to do a drug-fueled version of The Blair Witch Project. You know your video is in trouble when your most elaborate set involves a rainbow cutout.

Besides being low-rent, this video is gross. We could do without the jelly brain, the spit and Pepto-Bismol coming out of people’s mouths and the random shots of butt cheeks and boobs. Throughout this mess, Cyrus repeatedly screams, “Where’s my f***ing brain?!” Frankly, we’d like to know the answer to that question, too.

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If this video is cool or artsy or deep, you’re going to have to explain it to us. Like a lot of things Cyrus does, it feels self-indulgent and manipulative. Cyrus to self: “Let’s see, how can I get people’s attention from my hospital bed? Oh! I know! I’ll film a super freaky video with The Flaming Lips that will get everyone talking about me again once it’s released. Perfect. Cue the strange lady in the blond wig.”

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We have busy lives, and we just can’t help but listen to an inner voice when it tells us that our five minutes is better spent not watching Cyrus’ new video. If you really want a cool way to spend a few minutes, click here to listen to Coldplay and Cat Power’s new song “Wish I Was Here,” the title track for the movie by the same name.

Warning: Video is NSFW.

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