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The Bachelorette review: A rose ceremony for the books

It may be cliché at this point, but if there was ever a time for Chris Harrison to describe a rose ceremony as, “the most dramatic yet,” it would be during tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette as Andi and the contestants face the news of Eric Hill’s death.

It’s really hard to focus on the hometown dates in the wake of the tragedy that is Hill’s passing. We can’t even begin to imagine what Andi went through. After Harrison gives her the news at his home, she is seen sobbing into her hands and telling a crew member she is distraught over her last conversation with Hill. The Bachelorette crew members even set down the camera to join in comforting the cast and one another. Sure, the camera’s still rolling, but the moment is real. It’s nearly impossible not to tear up watching it.

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When Andi finally does get to the rose ceremony, she can hardly get through a sentence. She has to leave the room and then return after another good round of crying. Poor thing. She doesn’t want to go through with handing out the roses. Not because she isn’t confident in her decision but because she is already so emotional over Eric. In the end, Andi does go through with the evening and presents roses to the three guys she wants to keep. She sends one packing, but more on that later.

Let’s talk a bit about hometowns first. Nick began the evening, and he and Andi started their date with a romantic stroll through the market. They danced. They wore cheese hats. It was adorable. The downside: Andi seemed pretty overwhelmed by Nick’s ginormous family. By the end, she had them figured out, but when they first arrived, it was clear her head was spinning. Not even the cheese hat could keep her grounded. As if meeting four families isn’t already difficult, she’s picked some guys with some serious siblings.

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After Nick, it was Chris’ turn to shine, and he pulled out all the stops in true Chris fashion. He proclaimed his love and then topped it off with a note from a plane fly-by that proclaimed, “Chris loves Andi,” just in case it didn’t sink in the first gazillion times he said he loved her. Secret admirer no more. Now, he’s out and proud.

Next up is Josh. Though the two have a great start to their day playing a little baseball, things get off to an awkward start when Andi meets Josh’s family. They are in NFL takeover mode as Josh’s brother Aaron prepares for the NFL draft. Luckily, Josh’s family is able to reassure Andi that, despite the busy atmosphere of the household at that moment, the family really believes this is Josh’s time to shine and be happy.

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Finally, it’s Marcus’ turn. He, like Chris, is not filtering back the I love yous. Just in case his emotional connection is faltering, he also reinforced the physical by reenacting the strip tease he gave Andi on their first date.

Unfortunately, despite the love Marcus is proclaiming, Andi just doesn’t feel like she can catch up to where he’s at emotionally. We totally get it and support her decision to send Marcus home as a result.

We have to say, though, we’re surprised she kept Chris. Yes, he’s incredibly handsome and romantic, but it seems like he and Andi want very different things. We just don’t see Andi living on a farm. Would she be unhappy? Probably not. But a farm is not Andi’s dream come true. It’ll be interesting to see how her relationship with Chris and the rest of the guys evolves from here.

Which family did you think Andi fit in with best?

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