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Switched at Birth review: Who was in danger?

When Switched at Birth started this episode with a phone call to Kathryn and John about an accident, I knew that this was probably going to be a heavier episode. But the truth was that it was actually the opposite.

Going back in time, the show took us through the 12 hours that led up to the accident. I had a feeling from the beginning that it was Angelo, but I thought the accident would come in another form. We saw Regina not only learn how to shoot a gun, but get more and more agitated by the East Riverside project. That situation has already been pretty volatile, but then it turned out that Wes was meeting with Chip Coto.

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Coto was, of course, the man that Daphne discovered was sleeping with his intern and blackmailed him into resigning. He didn’t recognize Regina as Daphne’s mother, but he did go ahead and threaten Wes and Regina when they decided they didn’t want him involved in their business arrangements. It’s great to know that he’s still the same scumbag.

Meanwhile, Daphne was losing her mind over the idea of taking her SATs again so that she could get a new, better score and qualify for medical school. Angelo decided they needed some time away and took her to his restaurant for some quality father/daughter time. It was all very sweet, but the closer they got and the more they laughed and had fun, the more I anticipated something terrible happening to him.

I really thought that Regina was going to accidentally shoot Angelo. It seemed like the episode was leading us there, so I was shocked when it was Daphne who ran up the stairs and had a gun put in her face.

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Then, the episode did a bit of a sleight of hand. Regina and Angelo got into a big argument and he drove off angrily. But rather than make it a sure thing that Angelo was going to be in the accident, we were given another option.

During all the drama, Bay, Toby, Kathryn and even John were involved in an art project. I was happy to see that Bay immediately confided in Toby and that Kathryn joined in on their idea to go create some street art. John was a good sport, as well, and after Bay admitted that she had been rejected by Pratt, it was nice to see her family rally around her. Their evening of artistic expression ended with Toby asking if he could drive the Porsche and that’s when we got our second option for accident victims.

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When the call came again, I didn’t know if Toby and Bay had been in an accident or Angelo. But my original suspicion came true and it turned out to be Angelo on that table. It’s horrible luck that Daphne may lose Angelo right after they just became so close, but, then again, that is the point of a dramatic TV show. Now, I can’t wait to see what happens next, but something tells me next week’s episode won’t be nearly as happy as this one was.

My favorite bits:

Toby’s new scruff. I’m with Bay; I think I like it, too.

Daphne: “Have you seen my SAT book?”
Regina: “The one that’s been attached to your face all week?”

Toby referring to the SATs as the “Sadistic Act of Torture.” Sounds about right.

Toby’s video of the Northern Lights. Beautiful.

John accidentally putting his foot in his mouth when he referred to Toby’s music as weird techo-pop. Oops.

Toby: “The only person who gets to say you’re an artist is you.”

Angelo and Daphne cooking his family’s old recipe.

Regina warning Tammy that she needed to keep Coto away from her interns. Ha!

My jaw dropping when Bay told her mother she wasn’t a “real writer.” Ouch.

Kathryn lying her face off to a security guard. Nice!

Angelo and Daphne taking a selfie. So cute.

Bay’s art display.

Toby asking John to fire him from the car wash.

What did you think of this episode? Who did you think had been in an accident?

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