EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Obsourne says "sometimes women take feminism too far”

Jul 8, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. ET

We at SheKnows take female power seriously and we're all about building up women and not tearing them down. That should be the message of feminism, too, right? Kelly Osbourne believes it's not always so and has a message for all those haters out there.

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"For me there are a lot of self-proclaimed feminists who sort of take things too far," Osbourne explained. "And it becomes wrong rather than women loving other women and respecting other women and standing up for what they believe in."

We know exactly what she means. Most girls' fallback mode is pithy and sarcastic. We're all guilty of getting together with friends and judging the girls two tables away. We've all thought snippy things about someone's outfit. That's not right, though, and it's certainly not in the feminist mindset. Whether we're judging ladies for being too girly, too tomboyish or too anything, we're still nudging and that's not what Osbourne believes should be at the core of feminism.Kelly Osbourne

On the flip side, Osbourne also believes you shouldn't bestow that hate upon yourself, either. Being a feminist means loving yourself for exactly who you are. Whether you're acting the way your mama raised you or you're pretty sure your dad would be ashamed of your behavior, it doesn't matter. Own who you are and be yourself for yourself. Osbourne's biggest concern on this front: ladies who think they need to dress to please their man.

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"For example a girl who gets dressed because they think a guy will like them," Osbourne suggested. "No. Get dressed in what you want to wear because it makes you feel good."

Osbourne, and SheKnows, isn't suggesting you're wrong to want to get all dolled up for your dude. That's sweet and we're sure he appreciates when he comes home to find his girlfriend looking like a pin-up. But your day-to-day choices need to be about what makes you happy and leaves you feeling comfortable. Osbourne suggests that being a feminist is just as much about loving yourself as it is about loving your fellow female.

That's a message we can get behind and, like always, we love that Osbourne is the one spreading the knowledge.

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