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Madonna finally shows up for jury duty — an hour late

Madonna may be too big for jury duty — or, at least, that’s how she sees it. The Material Girl showed up on Monday for her civic duty, but did so an hour (and a week) late.

Madonna was escorted into a Manhattan court by two officials, three police officers, two bodyguards and her assistant, according to the Mirror. But Madonna didn’t sit with the regular jury members, she was taken to a private office to meet with the head clerk.

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The singer was expected to be released from jury duty due to her stardom and the attorneys on the case were reportedly not happy with her appearance even in the early stages of the trial.

“She’d be a total distraction,” one of the attorneys told the Mirror. “I’m sure she’s bright, but her celebrity overrides her intellect. Everyone would be staring at her — I know I would.”

Madonna’s late arrival may not be for her lack of caring, but rather was planned by the court itself. Court spokesman David Bookstaver said they allowed her to show up late to cut down on any distractions she might cause.

“We’re happy she’s coming,” Bookstaver said.

She posted a photo on Instagram as she was waiting for her name to be called.

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Madonna’s arrival at court came a week after she was criticized for skipping out on her previous jury date due to what she called an illness. She later posted pictures on social media of her family on vacation.

The singer has some big things happening in her life right now. Her daughter, Lourdes, has decided to go to college in Michigan and Madge will have a new album out very soon.

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