GIFs: 7 Ways romantic comedies are ruining our lives

Romantic comedies make us laugh, cry and look at the significant others in our lives like big knuckle-dragging cavemen. Why can’t our love lives be like the ones on TV and in the movies? Here are a few ways that romantic comedies are ruining our lives.

1. Parks and Recreation

We all want that memorable, amazing first kiss. It happens all the time on TV and in the movies, right? How come our first kisses tend to be awkward interludes that we can’t wait to forget, or barroom trysts we can’t possibly remember? Ben and Leslie from Parks and Recreation exemplify the perfect first kiss — unanticipated, unrestrained and memorable.

Parks and Recreation

Photo credit: funneebonez

2. Modern Family

Jay and Gloria on Modern Family give us (often false) hope that we can obtain the unobtainable. Jay is the somewhat soft, somewhat balding middle-aged man who landed a not-of-this-world gorgeous Latina woman. While onlookers may assume that Jay acquired his Columbian goddess by way of his wallet, these two have a real and genuine affection for one another. That’s a romantic suggestion a lot of us could do without.

Modern Family

Photo credit: ABC Television Network

3. The Office

We all want to marry Jim from The Office. He’s tall, adorable, funny and smart. We also want someone who will drive to a gas station in a rain storm and get down on one knee to propose. And, who among us hasn’t wished that our groom would whisk us off to a wedding ceremony devoid of dysfunctional relatives and coworkers? Why can’t non-scripted guys be a little more like Jim?

The Office

Photo credit: Shdwalker’s

4. Love Actually

You know what Love Actually? Screw you. Screw you for giving us countless examples of guys we’re never going to meet and planting scenarios in our heads that are never going to happen. Dating is hard enough — that’s an aggravation we could have really done without. Thanks for bringing us the super-successful and completely unobtainable guy…

Love Actually

Photo credit: Tornrosa

5. As well as hot office guy…

Love Actually

Photo credit: the cultbox

6. And the sexy intellectual guy (who’s willing to learn a new language and move to a different country for us)…

Love Actually

Photo via rsonedecker

7. Jerry McGuire

Speaking of movie scenarios that put too much pressure on our real-life romances, let’s not discount Jerry McGuire for bringing us “out of your league guy.” Were we the only ones who thought Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise had zero chemistry in this movie? Yet here this guy is, pouring his heart out in front of all of his sweetheart’s friends, begging her to come back to him. Yeah, because that will happen. We’re sure any day now we’re going to open our living room doors and someone unbelievably attractive is going to tell us they can’t live without us.

Jerry McGuire

Photo credit: Movieclips

8. He’s Just Not That Into You

Hey, thanks He’s Just Not That Into You for reminding us of all the crushes we’ve had, who didn’t crush back. This movie rubs our noses in the fact that sometimes the guy you really want to get with, and who appears to want nothing to do with you, can, indeed, have a change of heart. We could grow old waiting for that to happen.

He's Just Not That Into You

Photo credit: Monique Rodrigues

9. The Notebook

The Notebook left us asking our significant others, “Hey, why didn’t you write me every day for a year?” and “Why don’t you take me on a boat ride in the rain?” and “Why don’t you look like Ryan Gosling?” Damn The Notebook! Even great relationships looked like a Kindergarten romance after we watched this movie.

The Notebook

Photo credit: SoundOfSnowFalling


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