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TRAILER: Gone Girl trailer No. 2 takes us on creepy ride

The second trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl is here, and it’s painting a chilling picture of Ben Affleck as the “did he or didn’t he” murder suspect in the disappearance of his onscreen wife, Rosamund Pike.

Fincher‘s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel stars Affleck as Nick Dunne, the grieving husband of Amy Dunne, a woman who went missing on the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. Under the unrelenting gaze of the media, Nick’s grief becomes suspect and the authorities, as well as the public, begin to suspect he may have killed his wife.

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?The trailer begins with ominous music playing over a television interview in which Nick is called “the most hated man in America” by a reporter who then asks him point-blank if he killed his wife. Without even saying a word, Affleck’s painfully-uncomfortable stare speaks volumes, plunging us into the eyes of a man who appears to be pained while also measuring his every possible response.

The rest of the trailer unfolds in typical Fincher style, layering questions upon questions via suspenseful scenes flashing beneath snippets of mysterious voice-over. As Nick takes center stage in the investigation, the clues and legal counsel and shouting crowds swirl around him, and the chills start to creep up our spines.

Nick isn’t the only suspicious character, though. Neil Patrick Harris makes a particularly creepy appearance in the trailer as Amy’s ex-boyfriend, and the trailer paints Amy herself as possibly unbalanced.

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Even if you read the book, surprises await. Flynn rewrote the entire ending of the screenplay, telling Entertainment Weekly, “There was something thrilling about taking this piece of work that I’d spent about two years painstakingly putting together with all its 8 million Lego pieces and take a hammer to it and bash it apart and reassemble it into a movie.”

Gone Girl opens in theaters Oct. 3.

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