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Pretty Little Liars sneak peek: Who’s returning for the 100th episode?

Familiar faces are returning to Rosewood for the Pretty Little Liars 100th episode. Not only is Caleb back in the mix, but our favorite villain Jenna will also reappear now that Shana is dead.

Don’t expect the characters to fall into old patterns, however. The game has changed for both of them since we last saw them on Pretty Little Liars, especially Caleb (Tyler Blackburn).

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“[Ravenswood] will definitely be addressed,” showrunner Marlene King told Entertainment Weekly. “We won’t pretend like that didn’t happen because Hanna was privy to a lot of his story there.”

Though King was sure to caution that just because Caleb is back doesn’t mean he and Hanna (Ashley Benson) will jump right back into a relationship. Caleb’s return will be more complicated than that as he’ll bring back a lot of anger and uncertainty with him to Rosewood. Benson said for the 100th episode, at least, Hanna and Caleb will be friends.

It doesn’t sound like they’ll stay that way for long, though. Buh-bye, Travis. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick said, “By the end of Episode 100, they are poking around something,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

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As if the executive producers aren’t teasing enough around what’s to come, two clips from the episode this week have also been released. In the first, Toby gets a call from Jenna, who has discovered Shana’s death. She thinks Shana was murdered and will be returning to Rosewood as a result.
In the next clip, Hanna is doing what she does best when she’s with Travis: getting distracted in her own thoughts. The girl is having a serious identity crisis. Aside from some juicy information about Ali returning to Rosewood High, this clip just serves to confirm what we’ve known all along: Hanna and Travis have no chemistry. At all. Did we mention we’re excited for Caleb’s return?
No word yet on who else might pop up throughout the episode. Could this finally be the moment we get some answers about what happened to Noel Kahn out in New York? Now that Melissa is back in town, will Wren also return to the show? And, of course, what about “Uber A”? What better time for a serious comeback than the 100th episode?

We can’t wait to see what other surprises are in store. Pretty Little Liars 100th episode airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family.

Which character are you most excited to see back on the show?

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