Listen up: Prides' "Messiah" is your new summer tune

Jul 5, 2014 at 3:52 p.m. ET
Image: EuanRphoto

With one song on Spotify, two original music videos, one recently released EP titled "The Seeds You Sow” and plenty of covers scattered on YouTube, UK-based Prides are on the rise to becoming a hit in the U.S. — especially with their addicting, upbeat track "Messiah.” Hey, BBC 1 Radio and New Zealand are already on it, so we’re bound to be next.

Currently on tour with Foster the People, this synthpop trio from Glasgow is comprised of Stewart Brock, Callum Wiseman and Lewis Gardner. With a few catchy tunes already on their Soundcloud rollup, it's hard to believe Prides released their first single "Out of the Blue" just one year ago.

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Their track "The Seeds You Sow" has this Bastille-like driving quality that'll make you want to play it on repeat in your car, on your way to work, with your windows down, singing as loud as humanly possible. (Or maybe that's just me… Seriously, though, it's the best way to start the day. Try it sometime.)

As for "Messiah," you'll be dancing to this track, guaranteed. If we could jam out to it and stand in the passenger seat of a car as they do in the music video (below) without getting pulled over or dying, we'd be all over that, too. It's one of those tunes that, upon hearing it, you know you absolutely have to experience it live, lost in a sea of hipsters, dancing and screaming the lyrics over the next three and a half minutes. It's just that good. And who knows, you may just see them on the Coachella lineup next year. (Should we call it now?) 

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Check out the music video for "Messiah":


Sing, dance, do what you will to Prides' music. They're such feel-good tracks, it's impossible not to.