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Streaming now: Ultra-gorgeous The Time in Between

Covert Affairs has nothin’ on DramaFever’s Spanish drama. Take the undercover bada** chick in dangerous situations, add in a sense of romance you can only find in Europe and scrub it up with gorgeous late ’30s and ’40s fashion and you’re left with the breathtakingly beautiful tale told in The Time in Between. It’s streaming online now with English subtitles and you must watch it. You must watch all of it because we promise: You’ll love it. Here’s why.

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An amazing story

If you’re a book lover, you may already be familiar with The Time in Between. This record-breaking Spanish show started out as an international bestselling fiction. But what’s it about? In Between tells the beautifully made-up story of Sira Quiroga (Adriana Ugarte), a talented seamstress who takes her skills with a needle from Madrid to Morocco during the start of the Spanish Civil War. Soon enough, Sira goes from stitching up dresses to weaving lines of communication for the Allies during World War II. If war and undercover agents aren’t your scene, fear not. There’s more to this spy story than the spying.

Two (at least) smokin’-hot love interests

Sira is a beautiful girl — who wouldn’t want to be part of her world? However, as she goes from lowly garment-maker to surprise heiress to international spy, the men in Sira’s life will start having intentions that go beyond spending time with the pretty Spanish seamstress. Who really loves Sira and who just wants her for the money and secrets in her possession? Only time will tell. Until then, we’ll eat up every scene with her boyfriend, Ramiro (Rubén Cortada), and her fiancé, Ignacio (Raúl Arévalo).

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Most importantly, the fashion

The Time in Between - Fashion

We’re dying to get our hands on the fashion of In Between. From the clothes Sira makes to the ones worn by strangers from elsewhere, every piece of clothing the women wear has us salivating. Sira is supposed to be the best of the best when it comes to dreaming up modern fashions for the women who come to her, and the show’s wardrobe department made sure it was believable. Can we raid their closet? Or can they at least send us Rosalinda’s pretty flowered dress? Please?

The Time in Between comes to DramaFever at midnight on July 4. Enjoy the drama, ladies. We promise it’s worth all the subtitles.

The Time in Between – Promo
The Time in Between – Promo

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